The company Sporting was founded in 1990 and is based in Thessaloniki with offices – showroom at 35 Chili – Kalamaria.

It has a network of representatives in Athens, Crete and the rest of Greece in order to better serve and provide technical support to its customers. The range of activities includes marketing of sports nutrition items, having the exclusive distribution of Power Bar products for Greece and Cyprus, marketing of fitness equipment – conventional & electronic – representing for Greece the American company Nautilus for more than 15 years until 2016, until after Acquired by Core & Health Fitness, the delegation was undertaken by Star Track Greece. Sporting Corporation is able to meet the needs of gyms, hotels, sports centers and individuals, whose study, organization and construction is able to undertake.

It has in the Greek market saunas made in Finland by Harvia-Sentiotec, solariums made in the Netherlands by Hapro, steam baths of German origin by Hygromatik, and a whirlpool by Dutch origin by Fonteyn Spa. In recent years the company has acquired specialization in the construction of complete spa projects. The experience of Sporting Corporation in collaboration with the know-how of the German Lux elements is a guarantee for anyone who wishes to cooperate. This is the conclusion reached by all the small or large hotels that have chosen the company Sporting Corporation for the Spa area.

Finally, the company Sporting Corporation represents in the Greek market the English company Karakal which has clothing, rackets and tennis, squash and badminton equipment.

E-mail : info @ sporting . gr

Website: www . sporting . gr